Divine Collaboration

Divine Collaboration The Author: Kristine Carlson As I passed through that time period that is aptly labeled “the dark night of my soul,” I learned that the torchlight through the darkness came from writing. I first understood this right after my husband died. During the first weeks and months of grieving, as I awoke to […]

Working with Wayne Dyer

Working with Wayne Dyer The Editor: Debra Evans Over more than four decades as an author and inspirational teacher, starting with Your Erroneous Zones way back in 1976, Wayne Dyer changed the lives of countless people. Including mine. Here’s what happened. For almost seven years, I was the national director of conference programming for Whole […]

Who Am I to Write a Book?

Who Am I to Write a Book? The Author: Kristine Carlson “Who am I to write a book?” This is a question I asked myself twenty-five years ago, and it is the one question that holds most people back from realizing their dream of writing a book. What follows next is usually a double negative […]

Why Editing REALLY Matters

Why Editing REALLY Matters The Editor: Debra Evans I met Kristine Carlson—the other half of our new Author & Editor blog—in the winter of 2016. You know that feeling when you meet someone, or you have a turning-point experience, and it’s immediately clear that all the roads and pathways you’ve traversed in your life have […]

Wake Up to Voice

Wake Up to Voice The Author: Kristine Carlson I woke up inspired at 3 o’clock in the morning to that familiar voice—that voice that’s calling me to start writing. I hear the words loud and clear—and that voice won’t shut up until I wake up and attend to what is present. This new blog is […]

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